Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Jay Whiting and I am running to represent the greater Shakopee area in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Please take some time and learn more about me, my campaign, and my stance on several of the important issues facing Minnesota and our area. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about what you see. I am always open to hearing your ideas, listening to your concerns and discussing potential solutions to issues.

I hope to gain your support and become your next State Representative as I am committed to representing your interests and continuing to make our community a great place to live and work.







Why Now?

I enjoy serving on the Shakopee City Council very much. In the past few years we have made great progress as a city. I have listened to many citizens concerns and feel I have made fair decisions. If I am not elected, I will wholeheartedly continue as council member.

The Minnesota House of Representatives seat for the greater Shakopee area is too important to leave up to chance. Shakopee and the Townships deserve someone in St. Paul that they know and trust, a person who knows the needs of the community and has served them well. I am that person. I am clear about this decision and how it would affect my family and the City of Shakopee and I hope to continue to serve you in a new role as State Representative.


Why I am running for the State Legislature.


I am running for State Representative because I feel I can do more for the citizens of the City of Shakopee, Jackson and Louisville Townships. I see the polarizing effects of partisan politics, not only at a State and Federal level, but also at the local level. We need legislators who are willing to take a stand for the “good ideas”, no matter what side of the aisle they come from. We need a legislator who will fight for those who are in need and those who are trying to run a business. We need someone who has the vision and foresight to escalate above the demands of special interest groups and find the common ground that leads to workable, pragmatic solutions. This person will need the ability to compromise without sacrificing the very morals and principles that have defined their character. I am well suited to take on this role and I have these convictions.

I am asking for your vote on 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


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Why vote for Jay Whiting? 
  • Shakopee resident for over two decades
  • Proven leadership experience in over 15 Shakopee and Scott County boards and organizations
  • As a city council member, has helped implement programs that have attracted new business to Shakopee and resulted in the creation of ~ 4,000 good paying jobs
  • Committed to narrowing the achievement gap in area schools and controlling rising tuition costs
  • Advocate of new transportation funding mechanisms
  • Local voice for community activism and enhanced health services